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My old reviews on Lowyat.net


Like stated underneath each post here, I’m a freelance tech writer, and most of my paid work (hey, don’t look at me like that, us writers need money to eat too) is published up by Lowyat.net , a local computing related community site that serves Malaysia and the immediate locales (okay, mostly just Malaysia).

Here are some reviews that I have done, but most of them are pretty old:

And the newest one, published last month , can be found here: Compaq Presario V3614au Laptop

So, I’ll only be providing linkage and some excerpts for most Tech related long reviews to those of mine that are published over at Lowyat.net from this moment on.

For the other, shorter reviews, however, you’ll find them hosted right here.

And (sadly enough), no, I’m NOT gonna get any money if you go visit them… So feel free to go see my extensive and in-depth (or, if you’re a half-empty kinda person, long winded and endless ) reviews over there if you’d like.