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Socially: Social Networking made easy

The past few years have seen a marked rise in the importance of Social Networking Services (SNS) like Twitter and Facebook. From merely being an interesting past time activity like Friendster and Myspace was a few years back, SNSes have grown to be an essential Web feature to many.

Following this trend, SNS integration seems to be the current “in” thing amongst gadget manufacturers, most of which provide some sort of easy access to SNS services. Some, like Palm’s Synergy, have shown great promise indeed. Others however, seem content in tacking some sort of widget or homescreen app that displays an SNS feed – most of which either eat up valuable desktop/homescreen space; or are horrible battery hogs that require an almost constant Internet connection.

But what happens if you want SNS integration for an older smartphone that does not do it natively? Or if you want to use something that is not as obstrusive as a widget or something more cellular data and battery friendly?

Socially might just be your ticket. Why? For one, I’ve never really been so excited about an app since Gravity was released! Read more after the jump.¬†
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PlanTask: Scheduler App for Symbian


If you have been a hard core Symbian user for a while, you would understand that Symbian (or at least S60V3 FP1, FP2 and Symbian^1) has issues clearing memory after being used for long periods of time, resulting in slowdowns and lags. A restart clears things up, although up to now, it requires the user to reboot on his or her own.

Unless you opted to use python apps to schedule things, but most of these rely on outdated python versions and required that you install multiple python versions on the same device – which was far from optimal. At least for me, and so I prayed for someone to code a proper native symbian app that does scheduling.
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5 Reasons Why I’m STILL using a Nokia E71

Well, amidst all the buzz of all these new phones coming out – especially right now with IFA AND Nokia World 2010 having just ended¬† – it’s a bit daft that I’m STILL using the E71 as my main weapon of choice today: A phone that was originally released in 2008.

What’s even sadder is that I bought this particular device brand new only a few months back.

So, why DID I deliberately go for a 2 year old model when there’s so many newer phones to choose from? How can a device that can be considered almost a relic in technophile terms (two years is like… well, you catch my drift) still be relevant today?

At least for me, all boils down to a 5 main reasons, namely Hardware, Memory, Camera, Software and Value. After the break lets go into the first: Hardware.

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