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Charging Champ – FW50 External Charger Shootout

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Hey ho folks! On today’s edition of the y! Shootout, we’re gonna put 2 USB battery chargers for the Sony FW50 battery to the test. We’re even gonna throw the old standard AC powered Sony charger into the fray just to see how that mixes things up.

The results might just surprise you.

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Mirrorless Marvel – The Sony A6000 Review



After years of leaving the world of digital imaging behind (had and sold a Sony Alpha A200 a few years back) due to a recent financial surprise I have decided to get back into the action again – this time with all the past lessons learned from my DSLR days in mind.

I knew I wanted to go mirrorless, and it was only after long weeks contemplating which system to go to… did I end up with Sony and the A6000 (and it’s E-mount system).

Is the A6000 any good though? Let’s find out after the jump.

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