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JDay 2 – Sushi and Tokyo’s Other Side


So, done with my first day, I woke up in the wee hours the next day (read: after 7) and headed out to Tsukiji for a sushi breakfast. Above is how the market looks like when I arrived.

Yes, it was a cold rainy day in Japan. I wonder how I woke up at all. Despite that, I quickly found my way to Sushi Dai and got my RM160 (¥4000) “omakase” (read: the “I trust you, Mr. Itamae – chef – so don’t kill me” set) for breakfast. Everything was fresher then fresh and the “Uni” (sea urchin) paticularly was sweet and delicious.

I wonder why the Uni we (me and my family) had back in Yokohama 7 years ago was so… fishy.

Anyhow, pictures were prohibited in Sushi Dai, so you’ll just have to trust my words. Though that has to be one of the most expensive breakfasts in my entire life, I could say it was well worth it.

Why Sushi Dai? No idea, it was either that or Daiwa Sushi, and I’ve heard that Dai has better variety. Plus I forgot I actually wanted to go to another place to avoid lining up, thankfully there were no lines over at Dai anyway.

My tummy filled with raw, squirming fish, I moved on to other places. More after the jump…

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Guess where that pic was taken?

15 minutes from boarding flight MH88 to Narita, I guess this is REALLY happening now lol.

God save me.

The Day Before Japan


So, it was the 28th of November, 1 day from J-Day, and how did I spend the day? Points for anyone who can name the cameras in the shot above.

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