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Versatile Vixen – Tobeco Velocity V2 RDA Review


If you have been vaping for any decent amount of time, you’ll probably known that in the world of vaping, clones are a very real “thing”. For almost every mod, tank or even flavour out there, there are clones and replicas of each of them, most of the time.

For vaping tech, which more often then not comes from the great land of China, this is pretty much a common occurrence. Then again, considering that some of these equipment are grossly overpriced and extremely hard to get for what they are, the fact that clones exist and could even flourish, become somewhat easier to digest.

The moral implications of cloned equipment aside, they do provide a way for normal vapers to procure equipment that would otherwise impossible to get.

Today, we will be reviewing one of these clones, the Tobeco clone of the venerable Velocity V2.

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