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Samsung and The Burning Ship


Well, as the undisputed leader in overall Android device sales nowadays, it’s easy to see why people (including) me are starting to think of Samsung as the “new” Nokia. An even stronger indicator of how well Samsung is actually doing,¬† is that amongst the normal masses here where I am, say smartphone and you will either get people who would either say “iPhone” or “Samsung” (and sometimes Sony”).

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5 Reasons Why I’m STILL using a Nokia E71

Well, amidst all the buzz of all these new phones coming out – especially right now with IFA AND Nokia World 2010 having just ended¬† – it’s a bit daft that I’m STILL using the E71 as my main weapon of choice today: A phone that was originally released in 2008.

What’s even sadder is that I bought this particular device brand new only a few months back.

So, why DID I deliberately go for a 2 year old model when there’s so many newer phones to choose from? How can a device that can be considered almost a relic in technophile terms (two years is like… well, you catch my drift) still be relevant today?

At least for me, all boils down to a 5 main reasons, namely Hardware, Memory, Camera, Software and Value. After the break lets go into the first: Hardware.

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