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The Droid Pro – the Droid I have been looking for


Woah, Motorola. Hot on the heels of my ES400 post, the big M has just outed something at CITA 2010 that’s even more appealing for the average consumer QWERTY candybar market: The Droid Pro.

It’s potentially the Droid I have been looking for all this while, alongside Moto’s own rumoured XT300 slider and Dell Smoke. Additionally, the BB-ish keyboard, high-res looking capacitive touchscreen, dual CDMA/GSM support, 5MP cam with LED flash and rumoured high-end 1GHz innards running Moto’s own Blur on Android Froyo is of particular interest.

Detailed specs are still scarce on this absolutely delicious looking beast, except for the stuff mentioned above and the fact that it’s heading for Verizon some time soon.

Which begs the question, how about an international variant eh, Moto? The Milestone Pro sounds about right. You do that and ship globally sometime in November and I can assure you I’ll beat a bloody path to the nearest Moto distributor as soon as it lands on my shores.

Especially if you stick a huge battery in the back and give us TV-out AND USB-OTG. I promise you eternal loyalty if you can pull that one off Motorola, really.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this BB (and E71) killer as we bring you news as soon as we can get em.

Source: Engadget

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The Motorola ES400S – a desirable purebred workhorse

A few months back, Motorola announced what may very well be the first MIL-STD ruggedized QWERTY smartphone (or at least the first worth looking at IMHO): the ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant. It has a modest spec sheet by modern standards, packing in a Qualcomm 600mhz ARM11 processor, 256MB RAM/1GB ROM, 3 inch VGA resistive touchscreen, 3.2MP AF camera, wireless-G, microSD slot, GPS, accelerometer, biometric scanner, USB Host, multi-(maybe even penta-)band CDMA/GSM cellular radios AND the enterprise variant of the now aging WinMo 6.5.3.

Which is all really boring in the face of more modern consumer devices like the Desire Z, the iPhone 4 or the upcoming WP7 smartphones. Which isn’t surprising as it’s a purely enterprise oriented device, one that wasn’t even planned to be made available to the public at large.

And yet I find myself inextricably drawn to it, even more so now that Sprint has decided to bring the device out for personal use by October in the US as the ES400S – bringing with it the hope that Motorola will bring the ES400 out for limited non-enterprise consumer purchase elsewhere.

How I can be so interested in a phone I know will probably never see the light of day here in Malaysia – at least in the hands of the average consumer? Read on to find out.
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