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Japan in Ten – (Nearly) All of Japan in 10 Days

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Hi there folks, today I’m gonna start on something I’ve been putting off for quite a while now: The actual writeup on my 2014 Around-the-entire-Island Japan trip.

And before I go into the actual trip, let’s go into a little background shall we?

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JDay 8 – … and boiling in hot springs.


Day 8 was my last day in Nikko. As my All Nikko Pass also covers the trip up to Kinugawa, I decided to go take a look-see.

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JDay 6-7 – Freezing in the mountains…


Well, to tell you the truth I’ve slacked a bit in posting, sorry. But here’s the long overdue post about the much anticipated Nikko trip, JDay 6-8. But there were wayyy too many pics so I’ve had to break it to 2 posts. Do bear with me.

The pic up top is the Tobu Asakusa station while I was waiting for the trip up. Read the rest of this entry »

JDay 4-5 – Relaxing Weekend


Well, considering the fact that it’s been a very busy 3 days for me, I was planning to take it easier on the weekend, in preparation for my Nikko trip on monday.

It was also time to bid farewell to Aizuya Inn as I was switching to Khaosan Original in Asakusa due to it’s relative proximity to the Asakusa Tobu Station (my Nikko departure point).

Checking out of Aizuya, I was initially apprensive about Khaosan as one of the new Aizuya guests didn’t really sing praises about the place. But oh well.

As I reached the Asakusa area, the weather made it even more grim: I couldn’t even see the Tokyo Sky Tree as it was raining and clouds were covering everything up.

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JDay 3 – The Beach… is Freezing Cold


So, day three, and I’m off to Kamakura and Enoshima, though I woke up a tad late so I only began the journey at 10, which was smack dab in the middle of the Tokyo Morning Rush. Even the “limited express” train to Fujiwara (en route to Kamakura) – which is considerably a distance away from Tokyo – was quite full. Read the rest of this entry »

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