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5 Reasons Why I’m STILL using a Nokia E71

Well, amidst all the buzz of all these new phones coming out – especially right now with IFA AND Nokia World 2010 having just ended  – it’s a bit daft that I’m STILL using the E71 as my main weapon of choice today: A phone that was originally released in 2008.

What’s even sadder is that I bought this particular device brand new only a few months back.

So, why DID I deliberately go for a 2 year old model when there’s so many newer phones to choose from? How can a device that can be considered almost a relic in technophile terms (two years is like… well, you catch my drift) still be relevant today?

At least for me, all boils down to a 5 main reasons, namely Hardware, Memory, Camera, Software and Value. After the break lets go into the first: Hardware.

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