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So, kinda new around here? To help I’ve prepared a short breakdown of Youkoso!, divided into easy to navigate Categories:

(… and before you ask, no, I wasn’t in any way trying to copy Yahoo’s Y! I mean, the blog is called Youkoso! How else would you shorten that?)

y! Articles

Here are the articles that I write on Youkoso!, which includes DIY stuff, Tutorials, Retrospectives and generally other stuff that is not specifically a Rant, a Review, a piece of News or a Shootout.

y! News

Here are all the interesting news items that I post on Youkoso!, which will usually only include extremely specific stuff that are of interest to… well… me.

y! Reviews

Here is where I put all the extremely extensive (and yet largely subjective) reviews on stuff here on Youkoso! Hopefully you’re not put off by walls of text, because HERE BE TEXT DRAGONS.

y! Shootouts

Here’s where in Youkoso! you can find specialized reviews where I pit two (or more) stuff together to see which one would be the winner (or would be of better value… considering the state of finances I’m in).

y! Travels

This is where I put all my travel related posts here on Youkoso! You know… when I actually have money to go somewhere.

y! Rants

Annnnnnnd, here’s where I use the Youkoso! as blogs are intended to… as a place to vent and rant about life’s inequalities and whatever whatnot. While it can be fun to read these sometimes, it’s totally optional to.

So, there you have it… the entire shebang. It’s a small, cozy place in the neck of the Internet; you’re welcome to stay for as long as you want to (as long as you don’t wreck the place).

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