About Youkoso! and Me

Hey Ho folks. The name’s Eiraku and I’m just your average, white-collar Technophile from this sunny, tropical land called Malaysia. I’m currently your average salaryman working in the dark depths of the Pahang Rainforests (where thankfully, we have decent Internet connection these days). I’m not native to these parts though, being a pure bred city boy (ehem… man), so I spend my time shifting between being in the damp dark green of the hinterlands, and the bright dusty grey of the KL concrete sprawl (where I was… ehem… manufactured).

I created this Blog – Youkoso! – quite some time ago to… well… blog. But unfortunately the reason behind its very existence has shifted by a whole lot throughout the years I’ve had it.

Youkoso! was born out of my love for Anime and Manga, back in the days that it was kinda “hip” to have your own Anime/Manga blog. Long years have passed since then, and while I still have interests in “that” direction, the fact that I have transitioned from a starry-eyed student to a stoic salaryman these days have made it less of a priority and more of a leisure time activity – which I would rather not analyse and write about. Still, if there are things worth sharing from the Anime/Manga side of things, it will be put in here somehow.

What has not changed as the years passed was my love for Gadgets and Electronics, in particular Smartphones, Computer and Cameras – including Photography specifically. And there’s also the multitude of DIY stuff and Hackery that I like to do related the the before mentioned interests. As such, I felt would be imperative that this Blog be turned into something that would better reflect these pursuit – as it has been left in limbo for quite some time until now, thanks to my atrocious post discipline.

Anyways, I hope you have fun over here in Youkoso! – however is it that you found your way into this weird corner of the Internet that this Blog is situated in.

Do contact me (through the prepared Form below) if you have any problems regarding the Blog, or if my (usually Google sourced) images are violating your rights or something. I promise would try to do something about it, even though I don’t normally even see enough traffic for it to be much of a problem.

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