2017: New Year, New Resolutions?


Sooooo folks… all of a sudden we’re well into 2017 already. As always, a new year brings with it a new chance for me to figure out what to put on here lol.


Thankfully, the way I figure it is the focus of this blog has pretty much turned more towards Vaping somewhere in 2016… though in general that has always been just a smaller part of a greater whole. I mean, the blog has always been about two things really: Travel and Tech, with my Photography tying the two up. As such, that’s exactly what this blog is gonna continue being into 2017: The Photograpic Ramblings of a Nomad Technophile.

Which actually sounds quite nice lol, all things considered.

Anyways, I have a whole tonne of backlog when it comes to things to write about, so I can’t really blame the lack of content up to now to the lack of quality subjects lol.

It’s just me being me I guess.

So yeah, do bear with me as I try (hard) to whip up a few new things soon. New travels and new gadgets incoming!


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