Versatile Vixen – Tobeco Velocity V2 RDA Review


If you have been vaping for any decent amount of time, you’ll probably known that in the world of vaping, clones are a very real “thing”. For almost every mod, tank or even flavour out there, there are clones and replicas of each of them, most of the time.

For vaping tech, which more often then not comes from the great land of China, this is pretty much a common occurrence. Then again, considering that some of these equipment are grossly overpriced and extremely hard to get for what they are, the fact that clones exist and could even flourish, become somewhat easier to digest.

The moral implications of cloned equipment aside, they do provide a way for normal vapers to procure equipment that would otherwise impossible to get.

Today, we will be reviewing one of these clones, the Tobeco clone of the venerable Velocity V2.



Tobeco is a very well known Chinese company that produces both clones and their own vaping equipment.  Their clones are often of very good quality, and are often sought out by vaping enthusiasts everywhere.

So it’s fairly understandable that the release of their Velocity v2 clone was met with much fanfare. After all, they did not only release an extremely good clone of the original Velocity RDA, they even made their own modifications to it and came up with the Clone-only Velocity Mini.

Considering that the original designers of the V1 even took the features of the Mini into consideration in designing the V2, it makes for an interesting argument of who’s copying who.

Nonetheless, it can’t be denied that whatever the case, the Velocity is a very big name in the vaping world, considering the fact that the original gave the world the revolutionary “velocity-deck” (also known as the two-post, two-hole deck).

Would the improvements on the V2 be worth your time though? Let’s find out.



The Velocity platform was designed from the very start to be the an extremely versatile RDA. With deep wells, multiple airflow options and the vast revolutionary two-post deck that would soon be nicknamed after itself; the Velocity was an RDA that could flavour-chase as well as it could make clouds.

So it’s not surprising that the V2 refines all of the V1’s best qualities, making it an even better RDA than before.

For one thing, it’s slightly smaller then the V1, which means better flavour. The deck is still about as large though, and the ingenious cap-indexing system is still very much there, which means that the main cyclops airflow holes will *always* be perfectly aligned with the coils. It also means that you will never have to deal with loose o-rings preventing you from unscrewing the RDA off ever again.

However, the airflow adjustment isn’t as well designed, IMHO. If they made it clicky somehow it would have been far better.

Next, the cap is also slightly thicker, which helps to shield the surface from the heat of the coils within better. The post holes on the two-post deck is also slightly bigger, to accommodate for more complex types of wire. The deck itself… well… it has obviously shrunk from the V1 due to the V2’s smaller size, but as long as you don’t go crazy on your coil ID, most types of wire would happily fit.

The package also comes with both the normal 510 pin and the hollowed out squonker pin – as per the original Velocity V2. I don’t really squonk, so the fact that a solid pin is included is really appreciated.

On the build quality side, Tobeco really did a bang up job replicating the Velocity V2. It’s pretty much a 1:1 clone, except for a few glaring issues.

Firstly, the posts on mine wasn’t exactly straight. It was due to some issues with the PEEK insulator. A quick trim of the insulator with my pocket knife helped, but unfortunately it’s still not really straight.

Secondly, the provided hex-grub screws strip VERY easily, proof that they’re unhardened. Of course, the number of spare sets do help offset this (and the slotted heads I’m using now haven’t given me trouble yet)… but it’s still an issue nonetheless.

Besides those two little blemishes, the Velocity V2 came to me pristine, with tight o-rings and wonderful machining. Everything screwed on tight from day one (a few months ago) and remained that way up to now.

Kudos to Tobeco for mantaining their levels of quality (besides that little issue with the insulator that is).



Building on the V2 proved to be extremely simple, thanks to the velodeck and the decently sized deck. Fitting two 9 wrap, 3mm ID contact twisted 26AWG SS coils was pretty easy, though the large-ish coil was probably close to the limit of what the deck supports.

The airhole design also meant that it was *supposed* to leak less compared to a bottom airflow RDA… well, you would expect so anyway.

Unfortunately, if there is something that the V2 shares with the V1, it would be that both RDAs are absolutely atrocious when it comes to condensation. Especially around the airholes.

That said, this is probably linked to one positive that the V2 has in terms of performance: It vapes lush. With the twisted coils I described above, it gives out plumes of warm, dense, wet vapour.

Flavour is about on par with the Avocado 22 at its best, which is not bad at all for a hybrid cloud/flavour RDA.

It’s also worth noting that the V2 performs best with low-ish subohm builds, and it most definitely needs power to shine.



At $15 a pop from local sources (and about a few dollars cheaper from online sources), the Tobeco is a whole lot more affordable compared to the original Velocity for sure. And for what you get, it’s really a steal (in all senses of the word, unfortunately).

The goodie pack that it comes with is also rather generous. It’s filled with not only your usual assortment of o-rings, there’s also two full sets of spare post screws (slotted AND Phillips). Plus the two 510 pins (hollow bottom-feeding AND solid).

With everything considered, the Tobeco V2 is pretty much a must buy… if not for the ethical considerations involved with buying a clone.



Well, it’s a very, very good clone of a very, very good RDA. That in itself is probably enough to summarise today’s review on the Tobeco Velocity V2. Kudos to both the original designer for such a versatile RDA design… and also to Tobeco for making such a good copy of it.

The Velocity V2, coming from such a prestigious predecessor, doesn’t really do anything revolutionary though. But whatever strengths the original did have, the V2 polishes to a mirror finish. It cold even be considered a benchmark in RDA design… if not for the fact that it collects condensation so, so badly.

As for Tobeco’s side of the deal, they really did a bang up job making a clone that’s less then half the price of the original – at nearly 1:1 quality. Those little issues with the insulator and screws are regrettable though.

So how do I score this then? Without considering the fact that it’s a clone, the Velocity V2 gets an easy 8 from me, thus earning it the RECOMMENDED stamp of approval.

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