Berry Basics – Naked 100 Lava Flow Liquid Review

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All Day Vapes. As subjective as vaping is, the subject of ADVs is pretty much out there as the saying goes. But once in a while you stumble upon something that stands right out, and can be agreed by many as ADV material.

Today, I’m gonna review one of these stand outs, a juice from the new Naked 100 line by Schwartz (of Upside fame) that eschews their former yoghurt signature for a more subtle direction: clear, clean fruit mixes.

The specific juice on review today is the Lava Flow, which mixes 3 main flavour accents (as the entire line does), which might seem simplistic to some but I can assure you that sometimes, less is more.

Let’s get on with the review then, shall we?


The Naked 100 line offers an interesting array of liquids from Schwartz that cuts out all the fluff from liquid mixing and keeps it simple, with the barest minimum in artificial sweetening and zero colouring.

And this, in an age where liquids have grown more and more complex – sometimes to the point of sheer insanity – is an refreshing approach that makes for a very attractive lineup of liquids indeed.

canada goose Lava Flow is one of these, and is a liquid that is currently getting rave reviews all over the world. Mixing Strawberries, Pineapple and Coconuts, The Schwartz has managed to blend the flavours in such a way that it becomes – like a good cocktail mix – a distinct flavour all of its own.


readme Lava Flow comes unboxed, filled to the brim in 60ml glass bottles with droppers and clad in labels that fit the “simplicity” theme to a prefect T.

An example of this is the three very distinctive icons on the side that clearly denote the 3 main flavour profiles that make up the liquid. Also, the clear Nic and “Use By” indicators do add to the “professional” feel of the liquid labelling.

The large bottle size is also pretty cool, as it makes for an easy requisition of ADV stock. Although tje fact that its ONLY available in 60ml might turn off some who (like me) feel like ordering boatloads of this liquid in one cart.

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click here So how does it taste? Well if you like your fruit juices sweet, tangy but well rounded, you’re gonna love Lava Flow.

Vaping it on my ADV setup (Avocado, 26g spaced dual 316SS at 0.32ohms/45w, wicked with Kendo cotton), the first note to hit you on the inhale will be the strawberries. Fresh red strawberries, tart yet sweet. This is followed by the fresh undertones of pineapple, with its distinct tangyness.

On the exhale, you get pineapple in full force, with the accompanying sweet richness of coconuts, though it’s not blended to be as creamy as you would imagine. Think fresh coconut meat or juice, but it’d still holds some hints of creaminess that rounds it all up.

Also, there’s a very slight tartness of strawberry at the very end if the exhale.

For lovers of fruity flavours (like me), this mix is an *easy* ADV, being sweet, tart, tangy and mellow all at the same time. Plus the flavouring is really intense… while never at any time tasting perfumey or chemical-like.

Finally, on the gunking side things look very good as well. The Schwartz must be pretty honest about their claims of minimal sweeteners as Lava Flow barely gunks my coils even after a week of constant use. Nic-wise, it also feels pretty much spot on at 6mg.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a liquid that doesn’t leave a mark (on outside observers) then this isn’t it. Lava Flow smells. Sure, it smells nice, but people can smell it for a considerably long time after you finish vaping.

A small price to pay for the flavour intensity, I guess.


Coming at $27 (about RM110) per 60ml 6mg bottle straight from their website, the Naked 100 Lava Flow sits right in the middle end of the liquid price spectrum. However 60ml it comes at does make it a whole lot more value for money than your typical boutique liquid.

Locally, it retails for around RM120 so there’s really not a huge mark up so it’s pretty much in line with most “imported” liquid… but at least you get twice as much.


All in all, having gone through an entire 60ml bottle so far in the past week, I can say for sure that the Naked 100 Lava Flow is an easy ADV for me.

That said, the retail price, while quite typical for imported juices, isn’t really what most would consider to be “affordable”, but for what you get (quality and amount) it’s actually pretty value for money.

So, everything considered, the Naked 100 Lava Flow easily gets an 9.1 from me, with a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED stamp on top of that.

Just remember that people will probably be able to smell it off you though.

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