Gratuitous Genny – Avocado 22 RDTA Review

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‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, is a pretty well known quote that’s very much relevant to Vaping equipment. Sometimes, a piece of Vaping equipment, may it be a mod, tank/atty or juice, presents a much more cohesive whole than its individual flaws would lead you to believe.

In the last review, we looked at my daily driver mod, the iStick Pico. Hence, it’s only natural that we continue on today with a review of the daily driver tank that sits on it: The Geek Vape Avocado 22 RDTA.

A tank that pretty much encapsulates the quote I started this review with.


The GV Avocado 22 is very much a peculiar tank. While it is probably not the first tank to try to combine RTAs and RDAs to get the best of both worlds, it certainly was instrumental in sparking this current fad of tanks like it.

Popularly known as RDTAs (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomisers), some have taken to nicknaming them “Genesis-like Tanks”, in respect of even earlier tank designs that had the juice reservoir located below the coil area (even though true Genesis Tanks were usually mesh-wicked tanks).

Whatever the case, the Avocado defied common logic when it was initially released – and was met with scepticism and wonder in equal parts.

But now that a whole slew of “Genny-Likes” have hit the market (Fodi, Limitless RDTA, Teorem… and the soon to arrive Orca), one begins to wonder if they did, after all, get it “right”.


The Avocado is a handsome looking 22mm tank with simple lines and very little by way of design flourishes. The cap is easily popped off, revealing the velocity-type build deck within – a personal favourite when it comes to decks due to ease of building on these types of decks.

The Avocado even comes with TWO silicone/ceramic plugs that seals off half of the deck if you feel like running single coils on it (the extra spare plug is a real surprise).

The 2ml tank section sits right below, with 3mm juice wells feeding juice up to the deck. And here is where the Avocado has its first stumble: Juice filling.

The Avocado does not have a dedicated fill port of any kind. Which means, IF you’re running a dual coil setup on it, you’ll have to stick your bottle tips (or more appropriately, syringe) into the juice wells *with* the cotton to fill it up.

Which, depending on your wicking, can be a slight hassle or an absolute disaster.

Also, while we’re talking about wicking, it must be said that the Avocado seems to prefer 3mm ID coils due to the 3mm juice wells. Otherwise, if you’re running smaller (or bigger) ID coils, you’ll have to experiment a whole lot to get the wicking “just right”. However, it might be due to the design of the Avocado, but getting it “right” is surprisingly a lot easier than compared to wicking normal vaccum-pressure tanks.

Next, the deck – while comparatively roomy for a 22mm tank – isn’t really the biggest of decks, and it would probably struggle with anything bigger than 3mm ID coils, especially if built with Claptons or an of the fancier coil materials out there.

Also, the basic design of the Avocado means that if you don’t have enough wicking materials in the juice wells, tipping it over does mean that juice *will* eventually seep out.

Furthermore, while the velodecks are a treat, the screws provided are not. Too much force and you’ll run the risk of stripping them, plus the included Allen key is pretty much crap. You don’t get a full set of spares screws either if anything happens.

Finally, the 510 pin isn’t really “adjustable”, as adjusting it will normally loosen the top deck pin (and in turn, loosen the entire deck).

celine handbags readme That aside, in terms of build quality, Geek Vape actually built the Avocado quite well, with clean, smooth machining of the stainless steel body and well cut threads. The top cap does get loose with usage, though thankfully it never gets as loose as the one on the HCigar Fodi (which gets really, really loose).


canada goose Let’s move on to how the Avocado performs. As a tank that supposedly marries the best of both the RTA and RDA, one would expect that it would provide a marvelous Vape.

canada goose Not surprisingly, it does. Of all the “flavour” tanks I’ve used, the Avocado packs one heck of a flavour punch. Flavour layers become effortlessly easy to perceive, and overdosing your palate on flavours becomes a real threat.

And the cloudage is not bad either, at least for a flavour oriented tank.

Unfortunately though, the nature of the Avocado’s design also heightens the perception of EVERYTHING that happens within the deck… including un-saturated/un-“broken-in” cotton, gunking and juice oxidisation.

So yeah, it’s a pretty honest tank… even when you don’t want it to be.

That said, with my current ADV juice (Schwartz Naked 100 Lava Flow – review incoming soon), a pair of spaced SS coils on TC and Kendo cotton wicks does actually last a fair while before needing a rewick (about a week or so). Which is pretty impressive really considering how flavourful it is.

canada goose And, due to the direct flow nature of the Avocado (juice is wicked directly to the coils), it’s quite the juice guzzler. Expect the 2ml tank to need at least 2-3 top ups a day at least even with moderate Vaping.


Currently, the Avocado retails for about $30-40 from FastTech (and local retailers) so it sits smack in the middle of the tank price range.

However, that’s still “affordable authentic” territory and it does come with a considerably generous amount of goodies (spare parts, Allen key, 2x drip tips, 510 DT adapter, 2x single-coil plug, frosted acrylic tank). Plus, it’s fairly well built for the price so I’d say it’s pretty much worth the pricing.


Well, with everything taken into account, then Avocado 22 is a tank that probably needs to be considered for its pros and its cons.

readme For one, I personally feel that the Avocado is one of the most fret-free tanks that I’ve ever used. Coil, wick, fill and enjoy – there’s noticeably less fussing around needed when working with the Avocado than I ever had with any other tank.

And the flavour… ooh the flavour. When everything is going right, the flavour on the Avocado can match (or even beat, depending on build and juice) my Velocity V2 dripper. It’s probably better than most other tanks I know of, thanks to its RDTA nature.

However, the smallish deck, the lack of a dedicated fill hole, the fact that the “Genesis” design inherently means that the tank isn’t actually airtight (it wouldn’t work otherwise) and the non-adjustable 510 pin are still very much legitimate issues with the Avocado.

Even if that generous goodie pack and great built quality (except for them screws) does help offset all that by a little bit… the fact remains that the Avocado does come with fair list of cons.

But yeah, in the case of the Avocado 22, “the whole” is very much greater then “the parts”, and despiteĀ its many flaws, I’m pretty comfortable in giving the Avocado a 7.6 overall, earning it the NOTEWORTHY rating.

canada goose Especially if you’re in the market for a small tank to fit your small mod (like me and my Pico).

FYI, Geek Vape does have a bigger, improved version out (the Avocado 24) that addresses at least *some* of the grievances I have with the Avocado 22 (but would not fit the 22-23mm atty limit of the Pico, so I didn’t get one), so you might want to give it a shot if size isn’t a limiting factor.

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