The Day Before Japan


So, it was the 28th of November, 1 day from J-Day, and how did I spend the day? Points for anyone who can name the cameras in the shot above.

More after the jump…

In true geek fashion I did it… by geeking out with a great guy I met up in PhotoMalaysia.com, Altair.

We spent a hours talking about RetroFilmGraphy (I’m gonna have to write another in depth post about RFG) and stuff, and wrapped it up with a borrow-trade, my old (but killer) M42 Soviet lenses for one of the kiddies (or is it uncles) featured above. More points for those who can guess which one.

Kudos to Altair for being such a great guy.

Next, a quick trip to Vincent’s in Jalan Klang Lama to pick up my repaired 35RC, which now works great. I was so excited that I could get my 35 back (and on such short notice too) I completely forgot to snap anything, lol.

I can wholeheartedly reccomend Vince for old cam repairs, especially at the great prices he’s charging (more on that later).

Plus he’s a really nice guy to boot, and I can’t fault his work.

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