The Olympus 35RC – Not a particularly good start.


Oh ho, ladies and gents, my superlative 35RC is here and boy is it a treat.

But while it’s everything I ever dreamed it would be, all’s not Sunny 16 over in retroland, as I found out after my first 10 frames of Superia 200…

… it turns out that my particular sample hid an awful secret within – it started chewing film and refusing to advance past frame 10-15 (I tried – and burned – two rolls of bloody film because of this).

Which is a dang shame as EVERYTHING else worked as it should, rangefinder included. The light seals seem well done too. Plus it feels perfect in my hand.

So, with a heavy heart, it’s time to send it to be serviced over at Cheah Camera in Mutiara Plaza Jalan Ipoh. Hopefully it can be repaired within 3 days as I’m flying off to Tokyo on the 29th.

And that’s IF it can be serviced at all.

Otherwise, I’m back where I started. Cameraless and only few short days from the trip of my life.



  1. mat

    get S95. modern rangefinder hehe.

    1. Eiraku

      Film ka? If not no kick la.

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